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Industrial Interiors & Textural Art


We collaborated with our design friends over at Utility, Liverpool to show you the best ways you can compliment your favourite interior design trends with beautiful fine art. From Mid Century Modern to Minimal, Utility have all corners of interior interest covered and have included locally sourced art (from us!) to create layer upon layer of aesthetic inspiration for your home.

We have picked out one of our favourite interior trends included in Utility’s recent blog post and have added some extra artwork for fans of the Industrial look to choose from. You can read the full post on Utility’s blog here!

 industrial moodboard by utility design


Industrial interiors aren’t necessarily characterised by what’s within them, it’s more the actual space itself. A few must-haves within an industrial interior are a large open space, textural and exposed materials (especially brick) and the use of hard floors.

A large part of Industrial interiors is that they are utilitarian – designed to work, not look good – adding to their charm. Furthermore, the great thing about industrial interiors is that they can be styled however you want too. A few tips to keep an industrial and gritty feel would be to include raw, natural materials like copper and weathered wood. Size matters with industrial interiors too, don’t be afraid to go big as large statement pieces will fill the room.

Seen above: String Pocket Shelving – White ; Anglepoise 1227 Giant in Black ; Muuto Outline Studio Sofa ; Hay Result Chair
Artworks: Hilary Dron Ballinglen XXIV (Mixed Media on Paper) ; Paul Naylor Abstraction of the Shipping Cranes at Seaforth Dock (Isolated) (Ink on Paper).

Landscape by Amanda Oliphant
YIELD (After The Wheatfield by Constable) by Nathan Pendlebury (Original Painting)
Ballinglen XXIV by HIlary Dron (Original Painting)

You can browse all of our original and limited edition art over on our SHOP page, or click on the images that you like on this page to link directly to the artist’s portfolio! Remember, you can ask to view any of our original pieces here in the gallery, just let us know via email or phone 0345 017 6660.