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Visit our gallery at 14 Queen Avenue in Liverpool’s commercial district, a 5 minute walk from Liverpool ONE, where we hold regularly changing exhibitions of our member artists work.

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the rough with the smooth exhibition

The Rough With The Smooth

Friday 15 June – Saturday 4 August

Featuring art from five local artists, The Rough With The Smooth explores how artists choose and work with materials to create varying textures. Different surfaces very much affect the way we respond to art and here we aim to showcase the physicality of materials and the properties yielded from each medium, from the viscosity of paint to the coarseness of wool.

This exhibition features artists Liz Jeary, Sharon Mullane, Catherine Carmyllie, Joanne Thompson and Hilary Dron, each experimenting with relief and depth, light and dark, combining elements to create a contrast of actual and perceived textures.

Sharon Mullane is a self-taught artist based in Liverpool whose work is an interpretation of emotion captured in a single point in time. Clouds of alcoholic inks and smooth resin exaggerate the notion of depth in each of her pieces, with heavy waves of colour and abstract shapes fundamental to her expression. Sharon exploits the smooth, glossy properties of liquid resin to capture the movement of ink through layers, freezing the interaction of colours mid-motion.

Liz Jeary uses embroidery to explore new meaning in fine-art photography. Intricately piercing rows of rainbow stiches and incorporating geometric lines of tactile organics, Liz reimagines photographic portraits and landscapes, using wools and cottons to emphasise textures that the camera simply can’t. Liz’s collection of portraits are sewn with a sense of whimsy and light-heartedness, pushing the boundary of what is considered a photograph.

Liverpool born artist Hilary Dron explores the physicality of new materials, using oil and cold wax to build up to thirty different layers, showcasing their unique properties through scraping, scoring and dripping to reveal colour and shape beneath, a methodical artform which reflects the natural processes that inspire her in surrounding landscapes. Hilary’s aim is to achieve a structural integrity though these multilayered surfaces; each piece with its very own ‘geography’ on the surface.

Joanne Thompson combines a broad range of materials to balance the textures in each of her vibrant pieces. By contrasting expressive mark making through energetic flicks of paint and more refined parallel stripes, each part of Joanne’s art responds to light in adverse ways as a result, showcasing a playful variation in surface plane.

Liverpool based Catherine Carmyllie is inspired by her surroundings, both the changeable landscape and by contrast, the static and industrial city. Her work is heavily process driven and constructed by layers of collage, Modroc, paint, ink, oil pastel and metallic foils. This diverse range of media allows for exciting experimentation with both colour and texture.



The exhibition runs from Friday 15 June to Saturday 4 August. Entry is free and all are welcome. 

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