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The Interior

“The Interior” exhibition features two contrasting Liverpool artists; Ali Hunter with her inky and illustrative works on paper and Lorna Morris who creates immense realism in her tranquil paintings.

Both artists, though different in style, do share one thing: their subject matter of “The Interior”. Highlighting sanctuaries, reading nooks and often overlooked spots in our own abodes, these art works celebrate the ordinary and moments of stillness in a room of one’s own.

Trees Through Time & Seasons

This exhibition consists of Hazel Thomson’s fascination with the passing of time and seasons through our natural world. Hazel focuses her lens and hyper-realistic paintings on trees as they adapt to their surroundings; shedding and sprouting leaves, exposing and enveloping branches as winter turns to spring and spring into summer.

Hazel says: “I study and observe our environment through my passion for trees, right down to the smallest detail, which gives me an intuitive instinct on how to add the pure beauty of nature and the spirit of the natural world to my work.

Time is a strong factor for me, whether it’s night or day or the different seasons. I like to merge the different seasons and times to contrast and show the real change our green spaces go under. To create a scene, I need to add emotion, textural feel, and a sense of peace, this gives me full satisfaction, then I know the painting is complete.

My work has narratives of realism, contemporary and impressionism. Look closely and you will understand how all these styles come together. I discovered my style of painting through experimental means. Working predominantly in oils, I paint what I love; mainly trees and nature.

These paintings are textured and detailed; close-up you can see the hours of invested time and fine brush work. It is important to me that my work helps people to engage in the spiritual side of nature, to improve our mental wellbeing in this ever-changing chaotic world.”

Traces Through The Landscape

‘Traces Through The Landscape’ is a solo exhibition by Amanda Oliphant, featuring a new body of work exploring the emotions and ideas the landscape can conjure when walking through it.

The artist says: “The feeling of my footsteps upon a broken path, obstacles I go around, breath-taking vistas that stop me in my tracks, taking my breath away. The noise of crows calling or the beauty of a songbird singing, hidden layers of colour and light, the force of the wind and rain upon my face, and the reassuring warmth of the sun gifting me a feeling of content. All elements that seep into my own consciousness and that remain when I’m back in my studio transferring these experiences through paint – they are a journey of life, they are ‘traces through the landscape’.” – Amanda Oliphant

Find original works in oil and cold wax by Amanda Oliphant highlighting the tones and mood of the Landscape.

Sunrise / Sunset

Seeing in a new season with colour and scenes of sunshine, this new exhibition at dot-art brings together a selection of artworks from dot-art artists as a group show; landscapes, photographic collages and sun filled scenes that tell us spring has sprung.

This exhibition helps us look forward to brighter times with an optimistic air despite recent worldwide events.

Colourful and using nature as a muse, this collection of works can provide some respite and the promise that better days are coming.

After The Rain

After The Rain is an exhibition of works by Nathan Pendlebury on display at INNSiDE hotel by Melia in Liverpool until May 2022.

This exhibition shows a selection of paintings mainly from Nathan’s ‘Waterloo Series’, celebrating landscape in all its forms; suburban, urban, coastal and otherwise. The series was produced from sketches taken around a specific coastal area of sand dunes and lakes in Waterloo, near to the artist’s home in North Liverpool.

On The Brink

On The Brink is an exhibition on climate change and species loss in the UK, featuring 7 dot-art  artists.

Each of the seven exhibiting artists has examined aspects of nature and wildlife affected by climate change and used the visual to give a face to this issue that seems too big to see yet is staring us in the face.

The Earth has always known species loss, from the dinosaurs onwards, but we are now seeing this loss at hugely accelerated rates, due the actions of humans. More and more species find themselves on the brink.


The Liverpool Collection, 2021

Celebrations and portrayals of Liverpool by over 17 dot-art Member artists.

Find original works and limited edition prints in an array of media from collage to watercolour to ceramics, with the common theme of portraying Liverpool in all its glory.

Grasses, Trees, Flowers and Seas

Grasses, Trees, Flowers and Seas invites you to take a closer look at the world’s natural wonders, from the buds of a flower to the crescendo of a crashing wave, come and immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the world through paint. This Collection features artists Hilary Dron and Steve Bayley.

Landscapes of the Imagination

At a time where we could all benefit from a little escapism, dot-art’s new exhibition invites you to walk through a world of imagined landscapes created by artists Carol Miller, Brigitte Watkinson, Natalie Gilmore, and Simon Cooper.

Out of the Darkness

dot-art Gallery opens its doors for the first time in 2021 with new exhibition Out of the Darkness, showcasing works by artists Madeleine Pires and Haylea Archer.

Out of the Darkness explores an expression of life through art, creating an experience that is personal yet part of a collective journey as we transcend the limitations of our thoughts through the medium of paint.

The Liverpool Collection

Showcasing work by dot-art members, The Liverpool Collection is dedicated to celebrating the wonderful city of Liverpool, the wider city region and its fantastic artist community.

View from a Window

Life in lockdown has been an exercise in resilience, patience and strength and while isolation has not been easy, it has been incredible to see the dot-art community adapt and overcome the many obstacles caused by COVID-19. View from a Window showcases a collection from dot-art members who used their time in Lockdown to create works that captured the solace and sorrow of the outside world, through the view from their window.

The Liverpool Quartet

dot-art x Liverpool Biennial

Liverpool Biennial and dot-art have collaborated for the first time to produce a new limited edition by dot-art artist, Fatemah Dashti. This new commission sits within a set of existing Liverpool Biennial editions by Ryan Gander, Frances Disley and Richard Woods, entitled The Liverpool Quartet.

Under £50

Browse and shop a brand new collection of art for just under £50. With affordable pieces from over 20 different artists in a variety of styles, you can find a sentimental yet unique gift for an art lover or simply treat yourself to a brand new piece of art for your home.

Under £100

Browse and shop local art for just under £100. We have specially selected a range of art which we think would make the perfect gift for an art enthusiast.

Under £250

Discover the gift they really want with our carefully selected collection of limited edition and original art for under £250. Indulge your loved ones with a unique piece of art from a local artist.

Winter Wonderland

Browse through some wonderful wintery artwork. Get in the festive mood early and get hunting for that unique Christmas gift, we have what you’re looking for!

Gifts for Dad

dot-art has curated a collection of affordable gifts perfect for the father figure in your life. Browse through this beautiful selection of artwork, from originals to limited edition prints, with something for every price range and find a bespoke gift for someone special.

Gifts for Mum

dot-art has curated a collection of affordable gifts perfect for the mother figure in your life. Browse through this beautiful selection of artwork, from originals to limited edition prints, with something for every price range and find a bespoke gift for someone special.

Gifts for Her

dot-art has curated a collection of affordable gifts perfect for her. Browse through this beautiful selection of artwork, from originals to limited edition prints, with something for every price range and find a bespoke gift for someone special.

Nature Lovers

dot-art has curated a collection of affordable gifts for all you Nature Lovers out there! Browse through this fantastic selection of artwork, from originals to limited edition prints, with something for every price range and find a bespoke gift for someone special.

Gifts for Creative Enthusiasts!

Here at dot-art, we believe that you can always find solace and inspiration in art so we have put together a collection of affordable gifts perfect for budding creatives! Browse through our selection of gift ideas and give this gift of creativity.

Gifts for Football Fans!

dot-art has curated a collection of affordable gifts for our cities biggest Football Fans, whether you’re a Red or a Blue or just a fan of the sport, we have something for you!


A widely debated art form, digital art explores the crossover of creativity and technology, with many digital resources emulating traditional fine art tools allowing artists an unlimited platform to express themselves.

This collection comprises of paintings and collage each piece realised by innovative computer technology and the digital emulation of traditional fine art tools.

Expression Through Colour

This collection features work from dot-art exhibition Expression Through Colour at the Anglican Cathedral showcasing artists Nathan Pendlebury & Ali Barker.

Pendlebury & Barker form a vibrant pair; both celebrating the potential of colour, abstraction, movement and music within their bright highly charged compositions.

The Art of Connection

We believe that keeping people connected through art and creativity is important now more than ever. We have put together a collection of work created over the last few months to help lift your spirits and remind you that despite the uncertain situation find ourselves in, we can always find solace and inspiration in art.

The Father’s Day Collection

Father’s Day 2020 is just around the corner, and there may have never been a more important time to show your loved ones just how much you appreciate them. A meaningful gift may not compare to being together with your family this year, but dot-art can help you choose a personal gift to make Father’s Day 2020 as positive and celebratory as it can be.

The Art of Rhythm

Transcending the gap between sound and image, this collection explores the cross-over between music and visual art, presenting works that reflect the texture and rhythm of sound through bold and gestural abstract works.

#LightNightatHome Exhibition

Home is a memory? Space? Feeling? What will home mean when we Emerge from this crisis? Responding to Light Night 2020’s theme of home, our artist members explore what home means to them, and what home will mean to us all in the future. #LightNightatHome

Borderline Exhibition

Exhibition Borderline showcased the work of five North West based artists, each exploring the relationship between geographical boundaries in a variety of artistic styles.

Figurative Art

The human form has been a subject of wonder and symbolism throughout the history of art. Discover a collection of portraiture and figuration which explores aspects of the real world and what it means to be ‘us’. 

Statement Art

Large-scale, emotive, bold. Browse a collection of art which will make an impact in any room.

Welsh Landscapes

A beautiful collection reflecting the connection between Liverpool and Wales. Discover beautiful Welsh landscapes and the striking topography our neighbouring region provides for us to enjoy and explore.

The Liverpool Collection

We love our city and know you do too, so we’ve curated a collection filled with Liverpool-inspired original art and limited edition prints.

Light on Water Exhibition

Browse a collection of original and limited edition art from our recent exhibition Light On Water; a showcase of striking art exploring the interplay of the two elements.

Metamorphosis: John Petch x OMD

A collection of art created by artist John Petch who designed the cover artwork for OMD’s 16th studio album, The Punishment of Luxury. Browse original pieces and limited edition prints including The Punishment OMD Album Art signed by the band!

The Arboretum Collection

A beautiful collection of art inspired by nature and botanical subjects. Curated to be a forest of naturalism and abstraction, this collection contains a range of original artwork and limited edition prints that will create calm and tranquillity in any home.


Browse a collection of art that will take you around the world. Transport yourself away from rainy Britain to far-flung destinations, from holiday-inspired beauty spots to culture filled city life. Feel holiday refreshed from your own home with our wanderlust prints and original art.

The Gift Collection

Nothing makes a more special and thoughtful gift than a piece of art. Browse our new collection of unique and sentimental limited editions and original pieces from local artists.


Browse a collection of dramatic and emotion driven art, each piece employing an effectual and fragmented black, grey, and white palette in order to provide structure to their space, subject and figures.


Browse and buy affordable abstract artwork or request a viewing at the dot-art Gallery.

The Figure Exhibition

Friday 3 February – Saturday 25 March 2017

Featuring Faith Bebbington and David Brightmore.

The Liverpool Collection Exhibition

Friday 25 November 2016 – Saturday 21 January 2017

Featuring Susan Finch, Michael James, Ali Barker, Helen Conway, Ken Lewis, Clare Bates, Lee Summerfield, Josh Worrall and Grahame Ashcroft.