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How dot-art is combating climate change

At dot-art we passionately believe that we all need to play our part in addressing the climate crisis. We are taking a two pronged approach to sustainability; learning, monitoring and changing our own habits and practices (internal) and developing and managing a range of green focused art projects to help influence the public’s attitudes and behaviours towards the planet (external).


  • We have completed Carbon Literacy Training (you can see the certifcate here!) to ensure we are informed on all the issues surrounding the green agenda.
  • We have joined the newly formed sustainability group for Liverpool’s cultural sector, SHIFT, which will be bring us together to collaboratively respond to these challenges.
  • We are working with the LJMU Eco-Innovatory, who are measuring our carbon footprint and making recommendations for reducing this over time.
  • We are part of the Ecologi community who fund the world’s best climate crisis solutions. It’s now common knowledge that one of the best tools to tackle the climate crisis and keep our temperatures from rising above 1.5C is to plant trees. They are also crucial to preventing ecological collapse. As a climate positive workforce, we are offsetting all of the carbon we produce as employees, we have also opted for an additional plan which offsets all of the carbon that our website generates on an annual basis, planting a minimum of 432 trees per year and removing at least 42 tonnes of CO2. PLUS – for every new client that shops with dot-art we plant a tree and for every new artist member that joins the dot-art community, we plant 25 trees!

We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi

The Story of Liverpool Through Its Trees
The Story of Liverpool Through Its Trees
dot-art Sustainability


Heavy Gardening

dot-art was commissioned to produce a trail of seven art works, launched in May 2021, running from the back of FACT on Fleet Street, along the Baltic Corridor to Wapping Dock, produced by internationally renowned artist Andrew Merritt of Something & Son, in partnership with dot-artOpen Eye Gallery and First Take, as part of Liverpool City Council’s Urban GreenUP, project which seeks to raise awareness about the future predicted impacts of climate change. Andrew has transformed seven small pieces of public infrastructure and human engineering to make them useful habitats for other species.

The Urban GreenUP programme is targeted at research into the potential of green infrastructure solutions to tackle the predicted future impacts of climate change. As such the plan is to use a range of natural planting and water solutions to tackle city issues such as localised surface water flooding, poor air and water quality, summer heat effects and the lack of biodiversity

Liverpool City Council will lead on working with local communities and stakeholders to introduce green infrastructure to a green corridor that links Bold Street to the waterfront. The physical changes will include vertical green walls; rain gardens, trees, pollinator spaces and verges and resting areas together with opportunities for community engagement and community art. 

Apart from urban green transformation, the project is expected to achieve important results in other fields too. Urban GreenUP will improve life quality in urban areas, raise awareness on the importance of environment preservation among citizens, generate new market opportunities for European companies at an international level, and foster the creation of transnational networks and synergies.

Last but not the least, and this is where the the Heavy Gardening Art Trail is particularly important, it will highlight the importance of the local communities’ active participation when addressing climate problems through cocreation activities also directly involving the citizens, who are at the core of their cities’ green regeneration.

Watch a panel discussion on the subject: Heavy Gardening – A Cross Sector Approach to the Green Agenda.


The Story of Liverpool Through Its Trees 

In November 2020, together with our friends Open Eye Gallery, dot-art announced an exciting new project, inviting the public to create a history of Liverpool through its trees, using personal stories and photography! 

In these times of global crisis, we all benefit from taking a step back and seeing our own experiences in a wider historical context. The city and its trees have survived war, disease and many other hardships; this pandemic is just the most recent.

We want to celebrate your stories of trees and they will become stories of this place we live and work in. Please take a moment to share a picture of a tree that means something to you, along with a few words about what makes it important.

Get involved and send your stories to 


Coming Soon:

High profile mural project highlighting the importance of biodiversity.