Creative Isolation: How to get creative at home!

Brilliant things can happen in times of uncertainty and as we face the challenging times ahead, the dot-art team want to share some home-based, creative activities that can help to lift your energy, inspire your creativity and perhaps allow you to get a little distracted!


As most of us enter the unchartered territory of quarantining at home, each day may bring a new challenge that can make it hard to stay optimistic. Upcycling is a fantastic, mindful and economic way to get creative and inventive with your surroundings. Whether you repaint that coffee-stained table, turn that old candle jar into a planter, or go Picasso on your crockery, it’s a great way to keep things fresh at home and combat those feelings of confinement.

If paint and tape are not things you would find in your cupboard, get creative with the materials at your disposal. Our wonderful dot-art member Faith Bebbington has been creating sculptures out of recycled materials for over 20 years!

Forage for Still Life

As many artists are faced with new limitations when it comes to materials and subject, it’s refreshing to remember that when we think out of the box, much of what we need is already here at home (think recycled materials like Faith). Look out for interesting objects on your daily jog, go outside and forage for objects in the garden and create a series of still life drawings, photographs or 3D artworks. 

Find your Muse

From figurative painting like Freud to shapeshifting through photography like Sherman, when you look back through the history of portraiture, you will find a vast variety of styles to explore and draw upon. Whether it’s a quick ten-minute doodle or a painting worked on over time, this is a great opportunity to dive into the world of portraiture (now many of us are sitting in at home you can find your muse in the next room).

Try our quick portrait challenge!

  • Get set up at the table with a medium of your choice eg: pencil and paper, paint and canvas, camera and props, ceramic paints and plates
  • Find a muse eg: the person you’re self-isolating with, a photograph, a mirror
  • Think of which portrait artist inspires you
  • Set a timer for ten minutes
  • Get as expressive and experimental as you wish 

Portrait lover? Check out dot-art member Jacob Gourley! Jacob’s work is largely centred around portraiture, combining elements of realism and abstraction to create beautiful oil paintings. 

Between - Olga Snell
Between - Olga Snell

Review your Archive 

As the days slow down, now is the perfect time to tackle the artist’s to-do list!

Go through your media library and clear the way for some fresh content – decluttering your device is a great way to declutter your mind. Make an album of photographs you want to share and get editing. Most laptops and tablets will have their own editing software (Preview), however, you can download free applications such as VSCO or Adobe Photoshop Fix, or even invest in a more advanced package such as Lightroom. Our fantastic dot-art tutor Mark Reeves will be leading his new online course ‘Introduction to Adobe Lightroom’ on 23rd & 24th May, tickets on sale NOW! 

Check out our blog on how to understand your image files.

Make the most of the lighter days and snap some sunlit shots of your artwork! Whether you’re applying for an online exhibition or you want to post pictures of your art on Instagram, having bright, clear and high-quality images will make your work stand out for all the right reasons. Join dot-art tutor Mark Reeves for ‘Beginners Digital Photography’ a six-session online course designed for those who would like to move from being a keen beginner to a skilled intermediate photographer, tickets on sale NOW!

Take the leap into fine art prints! Creating your first prints from original artwork can seem overwhelming, but now you have some time on your hands, you can get the ball rolling with a little help from dot-art. Check out our 5 top tips for creating fine art prints, and pop us an email to put in an order, as soon as we are back in the gallery we can start processing. Need your work framing? We can do that too!

Virtual Exhibition

Has your exhibition been cancelled? Get innovative and showcase your work at home! Take inspiration from art label Dead Pigeon Gallery whose recent exhibition In A Little Terraced House took place in, well, a little terraced house. Get some great images for socials or even live stream the exhibition from your living room. Be as inventive as you like and have a little fun in the face of adversity.

The Ruralists versus Sonic - Vincent Kelly


Whether you’re a seasoned painter, a professional photographer or an art lover with a creative flair, this is the perfect time to explore a new medium and express your creativity in a different realm! We have launched our first-ever series of online courses to help you stay creative and inspired at home, so join us online and learn a new skill with dot-art, tickets on sale NOW!

Wind down and absorb some culture, listen to podcasts, take a virtual tour of a gallery read up on your favourite artist, lookout for opportunities and remember that these hard times will pass. 

If you’re a visual artist in need of support find out more about dot-art’s unique membership scheme, we provide a package of support and opportunities for a growing community of talented artists. 

Follow these links to pages set up to help artists affected by (COVID-19).

We would love to hear about the wonderfully creative ways you’ve been spending your time during quarantine! Send your photographs to

Blog Image: Peak Space – Aimee Blackledge