The Pool of Life – Megan Bankier


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Dimensions 42 × 29.7 cm




“The bright colours make ‘The Pool of Life’ pop and stand out representing Liverpool’s lively culture, it is almost like a timeline showing the big things that have happened in Liverpool that makes its culture so unique over the years. The SuperLambanana has become an iconic statue in Liverpool’s history along with the others that made the Lambanana hunt, which was part of Liverpool’s award of the 2008 European Capital of Culture.

The Beatles of course are a major part of Liverpool’s history of art and culture especially Mathew Street being an iconic location for the music culture in the city. When the Giants came to Liverpool over the years I think this really showed the artist culture of Liverpool and wanted to represent this in my design.

Personally, the Sea Odyssey performance really showed the maritime culture of Liverpool that it is known for, especially walking by the Liver Building which forever is iconic to this City. I wanted to represent my favourite things that have happened over the years in Liverpool’s culture by showing a timeline with history overlapping each other.”

Megan Bankier