In the Studio: Edwin Fung

This month dot-art speaks to artist Edwin Fung.

Edwin Fung is an emerging artist based in Liverpool. He tends to employ delightful colour and simple shape to depict his objects which is much of a pop art style.

Fung has exhibited overseas and now returns to the UK to show his work to the public of Liverpool. Passionately devoted to his painting practice, he wishes to bring out delights in depicting the humour and colour life can bring.

Can you describe your style?

Much of my work is in a pop art style. Using bright colours and simple shape to convey an easily readable visual language. I like to make my work fun and pleasing.

Which medium do you work with and what do you like about it specifically?

Oil on canvas is my preferred medium. The reason being is it’s hue is brilliant, despite taking a long time to dry! But it is not easy to handle, especially when painting finer details.

Can you talk us through your process? Do you begin with a sketch, or do you just go straight in? How long do you spend on one piece? How do you know when it is finished?

I always begin by sketching, doing drafts in Photoshop, trying different colours to bring out the best effect before applying my ideas onto the canvas.

When did you begin your career in art?

I began just a few years ago after retiring from a non-art related role. I found it hard in the city I lived in to create art, it was difficult to earn a living. It is only now in Liverpool that I can focus on it.

Who or what inspires your art?

A lot of things, a great variety of things. Sometimes a picture, a photo, an impression, or even an idea that comes to mind.

Why is art and creativity important to you?

I believe my spirit was tightly connected to it ever since I was born, acquaintances said I was highly talented, yet born in the wrong place.

What do you gain from being a member with dot-art?

I get to be closer to the field of art which I am trying to engage with more. I am also learning lots.

What does it mean to be an artist in the Liverpool City Region?

Liverpool is a city full of energy. Being an artist here is fabulous.

What are you working on at the moment?
As I have just changed my style to a more mature and symbolic one, I am working hard to accumulate enough work to form a complete portfolio.
What was the best advice given to you as an artist?
Embrace a passion to life, to paint, and to create. Always learning, improving, and be innovative.

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