How to sell and promote your work with dot-art!

Here at dot-art, we understand that as an artist you might not know the best way to promote yourself, or you might just want someone else to do this for you. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered… 

dot-art operates a unique artist membership system that provides a package of support for visual artists looking to sell and exhibit work, so you can concentrate on doing what you love, creating!

We create and maintain an online gallery for each artist member, where your work can be showcased, sold and shipped to art lovers across the globe.

Check out dot-art member Mary Sanders’ online gallery, where you can browse her collection of beautiful abstract paintings and find out more information about her and her practice.

Fractured Moment-Mary-Sanders

Fractured Moment – Mary Sanders

To apply to become a member, all you need to do is send over 5 images of your work to Once you’ve become a member, it’s super easy to get the ball rolling with your personal online gallery. All we need are some clear shots of your artwork and some information about each piece. The dot-art team take it from there!

Having bright, clear, high-quality images will make your work stand out for all the right reasons. If you’re not confident with the camera why not make a booking at Creative Street Studios, an independent, female-run, affordable photo studio in Liverpool, and get photos of your artwork taken professionally.

Ronda Village - Steve Bayley

Ronda Village – Steve Bayley

Across our online galleries, we sell a range of work from originals to limited edition prints. The dot-art team can help you with pricing, whether it be a sculpture collection or a series of paintings.

We can also help you create your first prints from original artwork! Check out our 5 top tips for creating fine art prints, and pop us an email to put in an order. Need your work framing? We can do that too.

dot-art Fine Art Printing Service

dot-art Fine Art Printing Service

Last year dot-art built a bespoke virtual exhibition space to showcase work by our artist members online in a whole new way! Clients can take a walk through our stunning exhibition space using their mouse, keyboard or on-screen joystick (for mobile devices) and experience art in a gallery setting from the safety and comfort of their own home.

Each artwork in the virtual exhibition space has a link directly to the piece in dot-art’s online shop. If potential buyers wish, they can also arrange an appointment to view the work in person at dot-art’s physical gallery in Liverpool city centre.

dot-art members who are on a level three membership will have access to their own virtual gallery, in which they can hold up to four exhibitions a year. Check out dot-art member Nathan Pendleburys’ virtual exhibition here.

dot-art Nathan Pendlebury - Virtual Gallery

Virtual Gallery – Nathan Pendlebury

We host regular exhibitions in our Liverpool city centre gallery, as well as constantly seeking bigger and better projects for our artists to become involved within a variety of other venues around the region. 

The dot-art team actively market our artists work to both individual and corporate clients using a range of activities including direct marketing, networking, online marketing, social media, e-shots and more.

Past exhibition at dot-art Gallery

When it comes to selling local artists work, we believe that the more our clients get to know our artists the more they want to invest in their work. We take our clients ‘behind the scenes’ sharing studio insights and Q&A’s with our artists, introducing them to the artist behind the work.

In January we began sharing the artistic talent of our dot-art members on TikTok, connecting our members to creatives across the globe. Since then, dot-art members have been creating videos as part of an ongoing series, sharing secrets about their practice, their works in progress, their favourite artworks, what inspires them to create and more.

We encourage our artists to send over news and images as often as possible to share across our networks, this gives us a great library of content to promote and market our artists, plus we love to see what our artists are getting up to both internally and externally!


Hazel Thomson in her Studio

Every two months we send out a newsletter featuring a case study on an artist member. This week we spoke with Liverpool based artist Lorna Morris. Lorna creates beautiful oil paintings inspired by the interiors of Danish painters from the late 19th and early 20th century and strives to capture moments of warm golden light in rooms and on faces. Read our Q&A ‘In the studio with Lorna Morris’ here.



Lorna Morris – Work in Progress

dot-art operates an innovative and popular art rental scheme which is a fantastic way to generate income for artists, who also gain valuable exposure for their work in the premises of our many corporate clients. We also email our artists directly when we have a specific opportunity to participate in whether it be a client wanting a bespoke commission, a large scale community art project, or a new exhibition open for submission.

Liverpool Football Club 125th Anniversary Mural

Liverpool Football Club 125th Anniversary Mural Commission

Artists have always been at the heart of what we do, and we are very pleased to say that we have paid HALF A MILLION POUNDS directly to artists since our launch. So contact us today and find out more about how dot-art can help you sell and promote your work.