8 Simple Tips When Buying Art for Someone Else

Take a read through some top tips for choosing a piece of art for a special person this Christmas!

1. Buy for their taste, not yours. This might seem obvious but if you’re an art lover too, it can be very difficult to disguise your own likes and dislikes! Before purchasing an artwork, take a step back and think of the art your loved one already has in their home or even think back to things in your own house which they might have complimented.


Strafed By Cloud Ragged Summit by Andrew Kinmont2. What style is their home? Contemporary, vintage, mid-century, eclectic, monochrome, country? Whatever their decor, you can clash or pair up art with different styles and the best way to start is to consider the colour palette they have at home. Choose a particular room you can envision an artwork in and find a piece of art which either mirrors or directly clashes with the colour tones i.e. a warm or cold palette in light or dark rooms. Pro-tip: Pinterest is always a good platform for inspiration.


3. Do they have any specific interests? If they have interests and hobbies other than art then this is also a good route to go down when choosing the perfect piece. However, don’t limit yourself by being overly specific. My mother has three miniature schnauzers but I don’t think she’s ready to hang an oil portrait of one just yet! Think of a sentimental location or an understated landscape which will stir some old memories, the more thoughtful and subtle the better.


Starry Snowy Palm House by Susan Finch4. If you’re shopping for a couple then this can be bit more of a challenge as their tastes may differ. You could go for something which signifies togetherness and love and not necessarily in an obvious and clichéd way. Dreamy waterscapes have endless scope for romance or perhaps choose a portrait of where they got married or first met.


5. If you’re buying for a younger person or even for art to go in a new baby’s room then try and go for something which will age well as they grow up and move house a lot! Tastes change a lot over the years so perhaps choose something light hearted and sentimental which they will hold dear for many years.


6. Scale back! If you are unsure about what to choose then stay small – it’s easier to place a smaller piece of art in a home and match it with your interior than a huge piece of artwork that takes up an entire wall. So if in doubt, go for a small original, or even a framed limited edition print.


7. If you are really struggling yet somehow know that art is the only thing that will make them really smile this Christmas, why not buy an art gift voucher. dot-art have two different types of voucher, one to go towards art purchases and one which can be used for art classes. You could purchase a voucher and offer to go and choose together!


8. Enjoy yourself and trust your own instincts! 9 times out of 10 if something jumps out at you then you will have made the right choice and the special person will appreciate the effort and thought you have put into their gift. So have some fun with it!