Birthday Bash – Tem Casey


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Dimensions 42 × 29.7 cm




“When I read the brief for this competition I immediately knew I wanted to create something that felt celebratory, with it being a print to represent dot-art’s 15th birthday! I wanted it to feel like a party. For me, the Liver Building and the Pier Head really embodies Liverpool’s dynamic culture with its exciting hustle and bustle. It’s where locals and tourists from around the world gather to sit and chat over a coffee or a beer, skateboard, sight-see and it’s a part of Liverpool I’ve always loved being in.

The people in the print are the most colourful because to me what gives this city its creative edge is the people themselves, they are what adds colour to our streets. The addition of Chinatown’s world-famous arch is a nod to Liverpool’s rich history and culture it being home to the oldest Chinese community in Europe.

Next to the arch is dot-art Gallery a symbol of Liverpool’s diverse and exciting art scene and of course, it wouldn’t be a party without the hosts. The Lamb Bananas had to make an appearance because they capture the essence of Liverpool’s imagination. Their fun forms and saturated colours bring humour and joy to the landscape and you can’t help but smile when you spot one.

Last but definitely not least The Beatles, I don’t think anything that’s trying to capture Liverpool’s creativity would be complete without the musical genius that is The Beatles. They optimise the creativity that Merseyside can instil within any individual that spends any amount of time here.”

Tem Casey