8 Artists Inspired by Architecture

With many of us living within ever-changing urban environments, architecture which is both aesthetically pleasing and ergonomic is increasingly important.

Explore 8 artists whose work is inspired by the crossover between the natural and the man-made; focusing on concepts relating to the city, from materials to geometric form.

  1. Anthony Gribbin

Striking geometric frameworks formed by sharp line and angular strokes.

Volcano by Anthony Gribbin
CONSTELLATION IV anthony Gribbin
  1. John Charles

Palette-knife edging highlights the fragile and ephemeral urban landscape. As featured in current dot-art exhibition, Metropolis.

  1. Lorna Morris

Soft hues of light dapple the interior architecture of Liverpool’s infamous Georgian residences.

Lorna Morris - Light Through Linen
Lorna Morris - A View Into A Room
  1. Chris Routledge

The beauty of light and shadow, the living and the lived in, captured in a millisecond.

  1. Jane Adams

Liverpool’s most famous dwellings, whimsically pencilled on paper.

the albert lark lane liverpool by jane adams
  1. James Chadderton

A digital dystopia of well-known architectural structures. *Insert haunting Hans Zimmer soundtrack*

James Chadderton - Coral Island
James Chadderton - Liver Building
  1. Karen Harkness

Tonal watercolours of Liverpool’s most recognisable interior structures.

  1. Phill Gornall

Highly detailed scribbles of isolated architectural structures.