In the Studio: Juliet Stockton

This month dot-art speaks to artist Juliet Stockton.

As a child and teen Juliet was always drawing portraits and people and wanted a creative career. Her Grandad had been an award winning artist in the 1920’s and 30’s and an important influence. Then, somewhere along the way, after University, she ended up on the corporate pathway and a 25 year career in Human Resources.
Juliet had ignored her creative side for far too long when she eventually realised it was affecting her wellbeing, that this core part of her had been missing. So, a few years ago Juliet starting drawing again and taught herself to paint. Before she knew it, she had a waiting list for commissions and her original paintings started to sell online, Juliet was shortlisted for the VAO International and Emerging Artist award in 2020 and 2021, and her work was selected to be published in the Portraits for NHS Heroes book (by Bloomsbury) alongside internationally renowned portrait artists. She now has gallery representation and is starting to collect celebrity clients.
In November 2021, Juliet took a big leap, left her job in HR, and jumped in with both feet to follow her passion and become a full time artist. The result – she’s never been happier, she’s found her true purpose in life!
Juliet paint in acrylics with vibrant, bright colours and bold energetic brush marks, aiming for the painting to almost leap off the page. Portraits to exhilarate, invigorate, and capture moments in time, inspired by pop culture, movies, fashion history, and vintage images. She brings you fun portraits full of energy, life and joy to uplift your heart, make you feel something and recharge your soul.

Based in Neston, Cheshire, Juliet works from her studio loft at home.

Can you describe your style?

I would describe my style of art as abstract realism. I create vibrant portraits with vibrant colours and bold energetic brush marks, aiming for the painting to almost leap off the page, bringing you paintings full of energy, life and joy to uplift your heart.

Which medium do you work with and what do you like about it specifically?

Acrylic paint, as it’s fast drying and allows me to work quickly in bold, non blended brushstrokes.

Can you talk us through your process? Do you begin with a sketch, or do you just go straight in? How long do you spend on one piece? How do you know when it is finished?

I begin by sketching out the main outlines of an image on the canvas, usually using a grid, then I dive straight in with the paint. I tend to work quite quickly, a piece can take anything from 2 days if I’m working flat out, or with breaks around a fortnight and longer for commissions. The hardest part is knowing when to stop! when I start to feel as if I’m faffing around adding extra bits here and there which could risk spoiling it I know it’s time to finish.

When did you begin your career in art?

As a child I was constantly drawing portraits and wanted a creative career, I had a place at art college, but somehow instead ended up at university studying business, then following the corporate pathway and a 25-year career in Human Resources.

I had reached a point in my life where I felt something was missing and realised that I had ignored my intrinsic, creative heart for far too long. So, a few years ago I starting drawing again and taught myself to paint, before long my HR colleagues and friends were queuing up for portrait commissions, I had started to sell my paintings on Instagram, my work was published in the Portraits for NHS Heroes book (by Bloomsbury) and I had been shortlisted for the VAO International and Emerging Artist awards.

In 2021, I finally took a big leap, left my job in HR, and jumped in with both feet to follow my passion and and dream to become a full-time artist. My paintings now sell internationally, and I am collecting celebrity clients. Immersed in a world of colour and faces, I’ve found my true purpose in life and have honestly never been happier!

Who or what inspires your art?

My art is inspired by; pop culture, movies, music, fashion history and the rich, tropical, bright colours of my childhood growing up in Papua New Guinea. I want my portraits to exhilarate, invigorate, and capture moments in time.

Why is art and creativity important to you?

Having started my artistic career in my 40s, I’m just loving being totally immersed in my journey of creativity and discovery, it’s my purpose, my dream and what I am meant to do in life. I find art incredibly meditative and so beneficial for well-being. When I’m painting the hours literally just pass by, before I realise I’ve got a cold coffee and the kids are asking where their tea is!

What do you gain from being a member with dot-art?

I only recently joined dot-art and already I have been invited to exhibit in their Liverpool Collection and at Innside by Melia and I will be exhibiting at The Everyman Theatre in June with dot-art too.

dot-art regularly email artist members with working artist opportunities such as commissions, teaching and exhibitions, which is just fantastic!! I attended an exhibition in December at which I met and chatted to other members who were really friendly and helpful and we’ve kept in touch, they also hold regular artist’s forum’s for members to meet, share ideas and gain feedback. My daughter won an award, in a dot-arts school competition in 2017, they work with schools too, and her work was exhibited at St George’s Hall, this was a huge confidence boost for her and she’s gone on to now study Fine Art at The John Lennon School of Art. I would definitely recommend joining dot-art, for amazing artist opportunities. networking and more, it’s well worth the membership fee.

What are you working on at the moment?

Currently I’m preparing for a solo exhibition with dot-art at Innside by Melia Hotel on the Liverpool waterfront, which starts with a private view on 14th March. ‘Icons’ is a star-studded celebration of the pop culture icons of our time, featuring portraits of influential 20th and 21st Century figures from the worlds of music, film and more. I’m also working on private commissions.

What was the best advice given to you as an artist?

Paint what you love and great things will happen!

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