7 Days of Christmas Commissions

Commission a local artist to create a bespoke gift for someone special this Christmas! 

We can all agree that 2020 has been a tough year, so if like us you’re looking to inject a little joy into life as we settle back into lockdown, allow yourself to get excited about the festive season, we think it’s a good time to start! 

The dot-art team have selected some of their favourite artists for this years ‘7 Days of Christmas Commissions’ to inspire and encourage you to connect with one our artists and create a bespoke gift for someone special. 

Commissioning art is a fantastic way for individuals to purchase the perfect piece of work tailored to your unique taste, preferences and environment. 

Shop local, support your small independents and support our fantastic local artists. 

7 Days of Christmas Commissions

Pet Portrait’s with Jacob Gourley 

Award-winning artist Jacob Gourley perfectly captures the character and personality of one’s pride and joy in the wonderful medium of oil paint. Jacob shares his home with pups, rabbits, chickens and a cat and enjoys to paint animals of all kinds.

Book in your commission with Jacob as soon as possible as he gets very busy around the festive period.

Pet Portrait’s with Jacob Gourley

Seascapes with Samantha Danford-Jones

Local artist Samantha Danford-Jones is attracted to the light, freedom and expanse of the Wirral Peninsula. She finds hope and serenity studying the sky and sea on her daily walks along the coast with her border collie Shye.

Samantha can recreate your beloved local seascape through her semi-abstract oil paintings so you can take your favourite view home to cherish every day. 

Seascapes with Samantha Danford-Jones

Local Liverpool with Sophie Bennett

Sophie Bennett is a Soft Pastel artist based in Liverpool specialising in animal portraits and local Liverpool landscapes. When out running, Sophie often stops to take pictures of the beautiful scenes surrounding her home which she later brings to life with her Unison Pastel drawings.

When working with animals Sophie aims to capture the quirky personalities of the pets she draws.

Local Liverpool with Sophie Bennett

Classic Portraits with Maurizio Liberato

Artist Maurizio Liberato lives and works in Liverpool, however, began studying art at Liceo Artistico Misticoni in Pescara where he learnt the ways of the classic Italian masters.

Maurizio aims to capture the expression of the human soul through his work, inspired by renaissance masters like Caravaggio and Raffaello. Commission a portrait of a family member or friend and capture a moment in their life that will last forever.

Abstracts with Aimee Blackledge

Artist Aimee Blackledge paints bold abstract forms with dynamic and varied lines. Her process involves listening to hypnotic and immersive electronic music to induce deep-level daydreaming. Choose your palette and let Aimee create a beautiful bespoke abstract piece tailored to your style.

A Proud Liverpudlian with Celia John

Celia John’s practice is inspired by her love of the city and its rich history in art, music and architecture. Celia has been painting and drawing in ink and watercolour for over twenty-five years, initially, painting the homes of her family and friends.

Moving on to painting a range of Merseyside’s most iconic landmarks, Celia’s delicate watercolours create a timeless memory of some of Liverpool’s most beloved spots. So commission yours and let your memories live on through art.

Music in Art with Ali Barker 

Music is a major influence on artist Ali Barker’s work, inspired by her experiences of the phenomenon of sound-colour synaesthesia – when Ali listens to music she perceives notes of the musical scale as specific colours – expressing these through abstract paintings.

Ali loves to create commissions inspired by music chosen by a client. Ali can turn your favourite song, a sentimental song between you and a loved one, or even a Christmas classic in to piece of visual artwork! The perfect uplifting gift this Christmas.

We have a large number of artists who work to commission, from painters, photographers and sculptors. dot-art manages the entire process and ensures you are kept up to date with progress and developments, from selecting a suitable artist to approving sketches and designs. 

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To find out more about how to commission art with dot-art, send us an email or call 0345 017 6660