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Friday 24 November – Saturday 13 January


dot-art Gallery’s Christmas exhibition, The Liverpool Collection opens to the public on Friday 24th November. This is the second year the gallery will host a festive group show celebrating Liverpool’s famous vibrancy, from striking and renowned iconography to subtle Merseyside nostalgia. The exhibition will showcase over 20 local creatives whilst inviting Christmas shoppers in for a mince pie and a browse. So whether you have a football fan sibling (red or blue!) or an old friend who’s moved away from the city, our independent, local gallery is decked with unique gift inspiration for the person who has everything.  

The Liverpool Collection features a diverse array of artists including Olga Snell and her surreal digital collages, which turn well known Liverpool sights into swirling, whimsical mandalas. At only £60, they’re perfect for the eclectic vintage lover you know.  

For the extrovert who loves bold, statement colours, Chris Grace’s lino prints of Liverpool’s famous architecture would make a brilliant gift. Printed in limited editions, his pieces would make a stocking filler with a difference, starting at only £40.  

Susan Finch creates ethereal mixed-media canvases, twisting well-known Liverpool scenes into magical and otherworldly paintings. Her original canvases would make a very special gift, but if they are out of your budget, she has produced a limited edition of prints ranging from only £95.   

 And finally, the baubles are back! After selling out last year, our bespoke, hand-designed, Liverpool themed baubles are back in stock. We have frosted white limited editions of both the Sefton Park Palm House and the Liver Building available; a must-have collectable and an essential accompaniment for any themed Christmas décor. dot-art baubles are available both in our gallery and online.  


The Art of The Print


Friday 6 October – Saturday 11 November


dot-art Gallery’s new exhibition, The Art of The Print opens on Friday 6th October and will showcase the work of eight local artists; Bryn Davies, Helen Conway, Mark Reeves, Michael James, Nathan Pendlebury, Alistair Parker, Marianthi Lainas and Jessica Keeler. Each artist in this exhibition explores different methods of printing; traditional, experimental, manual and photographic. For this collection, we observe the distinctive variations of print and how elements from different printing methods strongly characterise the artwork on the surface. 


Bryn Davies is a fine art photographer and Licentiate at the British Institute of Professional Photography. His collection for this exhibition offers a contrast to his striking, architectural photography and presents a softness through light drawings of natural forms; Japanese Kussharo trees and static landscapes, lending inspiration from his time spent in Eastern Asia. Bryn’s use of organic materials such as handmade rice paper showcases his affinity for experimental medium.

Inspired by urban street art and graffiti writing, Helen Conway incorporates her experiences exploring different urban landscapes, harnessing her inspiration from rapid regeneration and city decay. Her stitched photographic collages in this exhibition hold together unique fragments of Liverpool’s well known landmarks. Fractured local iconography and textural fonts are sewn together creating nostalgic urban mood boards.

Wirral-based Mark Reeves has always had a strong preference for outdoor photography, having spent a lot of his time in the beautiful coastal and mountainous landscapes of the British Isles. His abstract photography includes intentional camera movement to emphasise the interchangeable presence of nature.  Mark says:

“My images were taken in the mountains and on the coasts of Scotland, England and Wales; environments where nature’s presence dominates over that of man’s.  These are wild places which, despite the images we see on postcards, can be dangerous and inhospitable.  The weather changes rapidly in such places and I have chosen to portray my subjects in haunting moods.”

Michael James is a Liverpool based artist interested in portraiture and architectural drawings. He works in various media and in this exhibition has used bold lino printing to showcase minimal planes of colour in vibrant portraits of Liverpool’s historic architecture.

Nathan Pendlebury studied Fine Art at Liverpool John Moores University from 1993 to 1996 specialising in painting. His collection of works shows pure abstraction in dynamic and striking form. He layers bold statements and amalgamates different media to create ambiguous patterns. His photography in this exhibition capture natural scenes that are jarringly quiet and contemplative, the Polaroid prints creating a sense of timelessness.

Alistair Parker’s current work connects his observations of people with the urban space they occupy. His fascination for the rapidly decaying and disappearing cityscape, particularly the classic seaside resort, presents a collection of work filled with nostalgia and intrigue. Bringing together a fusion of photography, digital imaging and fine art, the approach taken is highly experimental and combines a range of unconventional materials and processes in addition to the more traditional art media.

Having spent her life living by the coast, Marianthi Lainas work is predominantly inspired by the shifting sands, dune systems and flowing skies that she encounters daily. Her series of botanical prints further reveals her affection for the organic; bringing the outside inside, in a collection of beguiling still photographs of plants and flowers.

Jessica Keeler is a self-taught printmaker who originally studied Theatre Design at Nottingham Trent University. Jessica creates both one colour prints and reduction prints as an exploration of her interpretations of rhythms and patterns noted from nature and places.


The exhibition starts on Friday 6th October and runs to Saturday 11th November. Entry is free.


Friday 11 August – Saturday 23 September

Colour in all its forms is the theme of the new exhibition at the dot-art Gallery. Chroma will be open to the public from 11th August – 23rd September and feature a collection of works by five local artists whose work exploits and harnesses the power of colour.

This new summer exhibition celebrates colour and abstraction through rigid line and natural forms. From bold statements to minimal geometrics, Chroma has been curated to demonstrate iconic style.

David Andrews is a street artist whose current series of works are geometric abstractions taking inspiration from architecture and his background in graphic design and created especially for this exhibition.

Anthony Gribbin, an artist who was based at Liverpool’s Bridewell studios for over 30 years, also produces geometric work but his are pure abstraction. Layers invite us to look closer as the various elements play with and contradict our notions of depth and surface plane. The eye responds in a direct and selective way to certain colour situations, line arrangements and patterns and may be misled so that an attempt to interpret may be confused or frustrated by ambiguous structures.

Nathan Pendlebury, who created the album art for the most recent Jake Bugg record, is a painter for whom colour is vital. He says: “I am interested in colour and I want my paintings to be confident, positive and vibrant. I prefer to produce more abstract work but the marks and shapes still tend to produce associations nonetheless. Associations are produced like glimpses without always being totally direct in realistic or figurative terms.”

Paul Fulton is a painter who attempts to recreate emotion on canvas. Through abstract paintings and use of colour, Paul’s work presents a strong visual statement to the viewer. Incorporating the concept of alchemy, the work allows him to transform the base metals of his moods and emotions into the gold of visual images that reflect responsive personal memories and emotions.

Finally, photographer Anna Nielsson has created a series of stunning abstract images using high-speed flash photography, exploring the patterns made using ink and water, creating unique and intriguing artworks.

The exhibition runs from Friday 11th August to Saturday 23rd September. Entry is free.

fabrication joanne thompson dot-art liverpool gallery


Saturday 15 July – Saturday 5 August

An acclaimed artist from North Wales is to have an exhibition of her latest work at a gallery in Liverpool city centre. Joanne Thompson’s ‘Fabrication’ will showcase her series of contemporary work inspired by the textile mills of the North-West of England, at the dot-art Gallery, Castle Street, starting on Saturday, July 15th.


The 53-year-old mother-of-two, from Ruabon, near Wrexham, who has created in mostly mixed media since she graduated in 2007, has used the fabric designs from textile mills as inspiration for her contemporary creations.

She has worked from her studio near Wrexham for over a decade and has had previous exhibitions with different themes in Cardiff, Aberystwyth and in several northern English towns. Her work is currently displayed in both private collections and corporate premises.

She says: “I have always tried to create at the point where my own inner reality meets the outside world in a naturally artistic and intuitive way. ‘Fabrication’ is my response to the invention, enlargement, manufacture and construction of textiles and I have used this concept as a catalyst for these compositions. Using old fabric designs from the textile mills of the North West I intend to convey their design elements in an enlarged and contemporary manner.”

 The exhibition starts on Saturday and runs to August 5th.


The dot-art Gallery can be found at 14 Queen Avenue, Castle Street, Liverpool, L2 4TX (just 5 minutes’ walk from Liverpool One).

Opening times: Monday – Saturday, 10am-6pm

Micro Macro

Saturday 27 May – Saturday 8 July 2017

Launching on 27th May, the new exhibition at dot-art showcases the work of two artists who focus on depictions of microscopic details and global overviews, respectively. Amy Ritchie and Sarah Nicholson both take elements of nature and change their scale so dramatically that completely abstract, but stunningly beautiful images, are created.


Amy Ritchie uses Microphotography to explore plant forms and the structures within them. Through careful sourcing and preparation of samples, the concurrent imagery shows us dense organic structures and the unique complexity that make up the flora we still hold very much in sentimental reverence.


Complimenting and conflicting with this work is a reconnection with her painting practice; focusing on dense fluid forms, reminiscent of natural processes and constructs. The work communicates the fundamental fascination with natural aesthetics and aims to give audiences an accessible insight into microphotography and artistic abstraction inspired by nature and science.


In this new body of work, created specifically for the Micro / Macro exhibition, Sarah Nicholson brings together several themes that have interested her for more than two decades: the Industrial Landscape, the Environment and the Drawn Line.


Using Google Earth to locate and take snap shots of Solar Farms around the world Nicholson creates an abstract image using various pens and inks on heavy paper for long, obsessive mark making practice, following the forms of the solar farms in the landscape and the concentration of the solar panels to create patterns of densely woven lines in delicate forms reflecting the fragility of the new technology in a world which frequently does not support “Green Technology”.


The exhibition continues until 8th July.

Sarah Nicholson micro/macro
lightnight dot-art street party 2017
dot-art lightnight queen avenue

LightNight 2017

Friday 19 May 2017

Join dot-art, Bruntwood, Cau and the Interesting Eating Company for a free, fun filled evening of art, music and food in Queen Avenue, as part of the annual city wide Light Night extravaganza

On Friday 19th May from 5-10pm, all are welcome at the dot-art Street Party in Queen Avenue, off Castle Street, to celebrate Light Night. This year’s theme is TIME so where better to start your journey than by stepping back in time into the last remaining 19th century avenue in Liverpool. Visitors will find the closing party of our exhibition “Seasons”, celebrating the effects of time on our landscapes as well as a specially commissioned sculpture by Sarah Nicholson, entitled SPAN.

Suspended amid the architecture of Queen Avenue, this new artwork has been created from 450 plastic bottles (1 for each year it takes a single bottle to degrade) donated by the local community. Interpreting the theme of time, Sarah’s concept is built upon the luxury of convenience. SPAN highlights the environmental concerns of the production and consumption of plastics whilst reminding us to consider the impact that each of us has on the planet.

SPAN has been sculpted by cutting, twisting and manipulating plastic bottles to create fantastical forms with an important environmental message. During the day, SPAN hangs floating in time as a translucent “ghost” meandering through Queen Avenue and at night, comes to life as a glowing wonderland of suspended trails of sculpture and light.

Between 7-9pm, visitors can also join the artist for a hands on workshop using recyclable materials, and add their own contribution to the art work.

Alongside the art, there will also be live music from the Havana Sugar Kings (at 8pm and 9.15pm) and delicious food from Cau and The Interesting Eating Company.

This event has been made possible with the kind support of Bruntwood.
Find out more about Light Night here.


Friday 7 April – Saturday 20 May 2017

To celebrate the start of spring, the new exhibition at the dot-art Gallery looks at the seasons and the changes they bring about on the landscape. This group show will feature paintings by Martin Jones, Michael Love, Lee Summerfield, Hazel Thomson and Joe Thompson and launches on Friday 7th April.

Hazel Thompson’s work regularly takes the seasons as its subject matter. Her bright, crisp springtime paintings of bluebells are as effective as her evocative autumnal woodlands aglow with fallen leaves. She specialises in capturing the play of light in nature, whether that be dappled summer sunshine or the long shadows cast by trees in a clearing. Some of Hazel’s more unusual works portray two or even four seasons in one painting, demonstrating how the landscape changes throughout the year.

Lee Summerfield has created a series of new work for this show entitled Daydreaming. These works take a distinctive and unusually low viewpoint and allow the viewer an insect eye’s view of flowers in a summer meadow. The thick, textured application of paint and vibrant colours wonderfully evoke a sunny afternoon. Speaking about his work, Lee explains ‘I love exploring the change of seasons in my paintings. There are so many wonderful things around us in plain sight, pockets of beauty and I love trying to capture these. Each season has its own colour palette and mood and I like to try and express this in my work. I strive to invoke emotions through my paintings, reproduce how I am feeling. The inspiring thing about nature is that it’s never ending so I’ve always got something new to be inspired by.”

The paintings of Martin Jones are the result of hundreds of hours of painstaking and meticulously detailed work. The works on show all focus on trees, with each leaf individually rendered by this supremely patient artist. In some of his newer work, the combination of different species, shapes and colours of leaf on one canvas combine to create almost abstract patterns.

These are complemented by a series of snow scenes by Michael Love and summer woodland landscapes by Joe Thompson.

The closing party for the exhibition will form part of dot-art’s offering for this year’s Light Night on 19th May. 2017’s theme is Time and this exhibition was specially put together to fit with this concept. Full details of both the dot-art event can be found below and the full programme for Light Night 2017 can be explored by visiting lightnightliverpool.co.uk.

Seasons continues until 20th May.

Seasons exhibition dot-art Gallery LightNight 2017
seasons exhibition dot-art gallery lee summerfield martin jones hazel thomson joe thompson michael love

The Figure

Friday 3 February – Saturday 25 March 2017

dot-art Gallery celebrates its first anniversary in the beautiful 19th century Queen Avenue with a new exhibition exploring and celebrating the movement of the human body, featuring work by painter David Brightmore and sculptor Faith Bebbington and opening on 3rd February.

The Figure is the seventh show in dot-art’s new gallery and the first to feature three dimensional work. The two participating artists both address the way the human body moves and interacts with its environment. David’s Fine Art MA studies focused on the role of rhythm and gesture in painting and Faith’s sculptural practice stems from her personal experience of cerebral palsy and the restrictions this places on the movement of her own body.

David, a professional artist since 2000 who spent many years living and working Snowdonia, says of his work: ”Some people have said that maybe the figures within the paintings and drawings are self-portraits. I would not argue with that as I am trying to show my feelings of a physical relation with my immediate environment, which for the last 30 years or so has been full of mountains and hills”

Faith, who is based in Liverpool and has many public art works on display across the UK and beyond, describes her approach: “My sculptural practice stems from having cerebral palsy, a disability that is almost imperceptible to most people, but has a big impact on my daily life.  My work explores the body in motion, but free of all restrictions like jumping, climbing, swimming, skydiving, free running; it’s the moment in mid-air that interests me most!  My sculptures are purposely universal, often genderless figures set in space, so the viewer can focus on the action or movement of the figure. To observe and capture energetic movement I use dancers and athletes as models to help achieve dynamic sculptural sequences. It’s important to me that my artwork is accessible, aiming to spark some personal connection or recognition with the viewer.”

The Liverpool Collection

Friday 25 November 2016 – Saturday 21 January 2017

The dot-art Gallery’s Christmas exhibition, The Liverpool Collection, opens on Friday 25th November. This group show, the first in an annual series, showcases the work of over 20 locally based artists producing abstract, stylish and authentic interpretations of Liverpool and the surrounding area.

The Liverpool Collection celebrates our city’s iconic views and culture while also giving the discerning shopper the opportunity to buy unique Christmas gifts and support the local creative community. Whether you have a family member who has moved away from the city and would appreciate a little bit of home, an Everton loving partner or a friend who has just moved into a new house, we have gifts for all tastes and pockets. Here are just a few…

Susan Finch creates stunning, multi-layered oil paintings of the iconic Sefton Park Palm House, full of intricate detail. If the large scale original is beyond your budget, she has also produced a limited edition of just 10 prints for the show, which are £95 each.

If you prefer your art more graphic, the work of Michael James will be of interest. His bold, contemporary lino-prints of some of Liverpool’s architectural highlights, in monochrome with chunks of primary colour, start at just £40.

Finally for the music lover in your life we have a fantastic pen and ink drawing of the Beatles by Josh Worrall. The work shows the faces of the famous four at the height of their fame; the original work is £200 and limited edition prints are available for just £40.

The exhibition continues until Saturday 21st January.

The Liverpool Collection at dot-art
Wonderland at Cass Art by dot-art Frances Broomfield

Wonderland at Cass Art

November 2016 – January 2017

Frances Broomfield creates work that has been described as ‘sophisticated naive’ with the subject matter of her paintings being inspired by imagination.

She is currently working on a series of paintings based on characters from Lewis Carroll’s Alice books. Her work has featured on several book covers including Colin Dann’s Farthing Wood series. Frances has taken part in many group and solo exhibitions in the UK and the USA and her paintings are in public and private collections worldwide. Most recently one of her pictures was sold at the auction of work owned by Ringo Starr, in Beverley Hills.

Wonderland brings together a selection of Frances Broomfield’s limited editon prints available both framed and unframed from £45. The framed prints are currently on display at Cass Art (Liverpool ONE, 18 School Ln, Liverpool L1 3BT) and can also be viewed, unframed, at the dot-art Gallery on Queen Avenue.

A special thank you to Cass Art for partnering with us on this artist spotlight and supporting dot-art’s mission to make affordable art available to all.


Friday 7 October – Saturday 19 November

Whilst the subject matter of Andrew and Simons work can vary greatly, both artists are united by a common motivation – landscape and the construction of the artwork itself. For the work in this exhibition, the physical act of painting and the conscious and subconscious decisions made during the process are as important as the original subject matter.

Andrew takes his direct experience of nature as his inspiration. As wind, erosion, ageing, decay constantly alter what we see in nature, so too his paint is layered or poured, surfaces erased and reworked. He constantly struggles between allowing materials to follow their own course or directing them towards his own intuitive ends.  Often his paintings do not represent a recognizable landscape, but the colours, textures and shapes of the composition evoke natural qualities of solidity, form, air and space. Traces of marks and materials are left on the surface, making the viewer aware of the act of painting as well as the innate beauty of the materials themselves. The end result is paintings which have their own unique form, with their roots in both nature and his own subjective experience.

Similarly, elements of nature can be seen in Simon’s paintings. He draws inspiration from features such as skies, mountains and seas and creates images of landscape that ebb and flow between abstraction and representation. Mark making is integral to his working method, layers of paint hang upon a skeleton of underpainting and drawing. Often what is left exposed becomes as important as what is added. Simon carefully selects the substrate he paints on for textures or characteristics that suggest the qualities of the landscape he is working with, sometimes choosing less traditional.

Topography continues until Saturday 19 November 2016.

dot-art Topography Exhibition
Four Dimensional Colour dot-art gallery poster

Four-Dimensional Colour

Saturday 10 – Saturday 24 September

On Saturday 10th September, dot-art will launch a special two week exhibition by Ali Barker as part of the Liverpool #BiennialFringe. The solo show, entitled Four-Dimensional Colour, consists of a series of paintings inspired by the artist’s synaesthesia, a condition where senses are triggered by one another and allow the artist to hear colours. This unique perspective will be demonstrated through the daily painting of two ongoing works over the course of the exhibition.

This exhibition will showcase new paintings made between January and August 2016, comprising a set of “instinctive synaesthetic responses” to music and another set representing sounds translated into colours.

Since the start of 2016, artist and musician Ali has recorded a distinctive sound each day. Whether this is a musical note, a door-bell, a car horn in the distance or the rumbling of a coffee machine, each sound has then been translated into a small block of colour and added to her ever-growing portfolio of artwork.

For each month of 2016 she is composing one painting to represent the music and sounds she experiences, as a grid of coloured squares based on the layout of a calendar. Finally, she will also make a similar, but larger painting comprising all 366 notes and sounds recorded in 2016. This, and the painting of “September 2016”, will be works in progress at the time of the exhibition.

The solo exhibition will last for 2 weeks only so pop it in your diary and we look forward to seeing you soon!


Friday 15 July – Saturday 3 September

United through their shared expertise of mixed media, see abstracts, landscapes and typography artworks created with spray paint. Influenced by the medium’s movement, style, culture and function, expect bold, vibrant and contemporary compositions in this group exhibition at dot-art Gallery.
Brand new original and limited edition artworks will be available from each of the artists.

AEROSOL is part of #BiennialFringe 2016, an independent event facilitated by The Double Negative that will run alongside Liverpool Biennial 2016.

AEROSOL Live at REX, Bold Street

Thursday 14 July – Saturday 16 July

Watch Jessica Arrowsmith-Stanley create a cityscape artwork at REX on Bold Street between Thursday 14 July – Saturday 16 July.
Jessica will be composing the piece over 3 days in the display window at REX during 12pm – 3pm. Watch an original artwork being created and track her progress with #AEROSOL16

Tweet your images to @dotart & @RexLiverpool

Aerosol Exhibition at dot-art
dot-art Experiments in Photography

Experiments in Photography

13th May – 2nd July

Through process, composition and technique, this group exhibition of local artists showcased a diverse range of experimental photography. From David John Pearson’s warped light forms to Bryn Davies’ beautiful East Asia landscapes, Experiments in Photography demonstrated the balance between technology and nature, through both digital and analogue processes.

Read the full press release.

Dear Liverpool

12th February – 23rd April

The first exhibition in dot-art’s new gallery showcases the work of 18 artist members and is designed to be a love letter to the cultural capital of the North, and perfectly summarises Liverpool’s energy and vibrancy. While there are some familiar scenes on show, several artists have chosen to represent the city in abstract or unexpected ways and it is abundantly clear from the diversity and quality of the work in the exhibition how much our city’s architecture, culture and people influence our creative community. All the artwork is for sale, with prices ranging from £25 -£2500.

Read the full press release.

Dear Liverpool Exhibition
Portraits of Nature

15th – 25th May 2015

Portraits of Nature

Photography exhibition by Stewart Ellett at the dot-art Exhibition Space at Rex. Part of LOOK/15, Liverpool International Photography Festival.

October 2014 – May 2015

dot-art at Rex #1

From late 2014 to mid 2015, shoppers were able to visit dot-art at Rex in the lower ground floor of the old George Henry Lee building on Basnett Street in Liverpol city centre, for an ever-changing selection of limited edition and original work by our member artists starting at just £20.

dot-art at Rex 2015
Faith Bebbington Sculpture

20th March – 10th May 2015

Faith Bebbington Sculpture

Sculpture exhibition by Faith Bebbington at the dot-art Exhibition Space at Rex.

12th December 2014 – 6th March 2015

Liverpool in Oils

Exhibition of oil paintings of Liverpool by Joe Thompson in the dot-art Exhibition Space at Rex.

Liverpool in Oils
Political Football

8th September – 24th October 2014

Political Football

Exhibition of original illustrations and limited edition prints by renowned cartoonist Phil Disley, at the dot-art Showroom.

5th – 11th September 2014

Depictions of Land and Sea

Exhibition of paintings and prints by artists Jackie Wagg and Carol Miller at the Reader Gallery, Calderstones Park.

Depictions of Land and Sea